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Effective Music Marketing

The internet is flooded with services claiming to help you improve your music's reach. Rarely do these companies actually offer you a solution to grow your audience, increase sales, and legitimize your career. We will use your talent to find highly targeted and valuable fans, then bring them right to your inbox. Stop overpaying for ineffective marketing. Start growing the right way.

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How it's done

We can help you reach success

Create Expertly Targeted Audiences

When you tell us who your music sounds like, we use some of the most powerful ad algorithms in the world to hone in on the type of people most likely to enjoy your music. Our interest based targeting is highly effective.

Push Your Content Through Social Media

Equipped with strong audiences, we use an advanced series of Facebook ads to show your content to your future fans then convert them into email subscribers, social media followers, or Spotify followers.

Help Turn Your New Fans Into Paying Fans

Finding your fans is important, but having a base who supports you financially is the difference between successful musicians and hobbyists. We provide the tools and strategies necessary to do so.

For Every $1 Spent on Ads:

Potential Fans Reached
Phase Conversions
Through Plays

Our Pricing

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Starter Musician


  • $600/mo max ad spend
  • Email your leads
  • Sell to your fans
  • Extra for audience reports
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Pro Musician


  • Unlimited ad spend
  • Keep your leads
  • Keep all your profits
  • See audience reports


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