About Museq

Our team here at Museq started with a mission: to build an affordable, easy to use, and effective system for helping music artists grow their fanbase. In a world where creativity is so accessible and it is possible for just about anyone to release their own work, the only factor that has not caught up with the times is marketing.

Every day, there is an independent artist writing what should be a hit track in the comfort of their own bedroom, yet those songs will likely never reach all the listeners it could because the artist does not have deep enough pockets to get the record its deserved recognition. There are Spotify playlisting services, blog submission platforms, and even endless Youtube tutorials to help artists get more recognition, but even still big labels spending millions on touring win out almost every time.

Why is this?

Because no robust service has ever been built with independent artists in mind! Playlisting is great for a momentary blip of succes and it is definitely fun to see your name pop up on a blog that gets little to no traffic, but how are you actually growing your fanbase?

That is where we come in. With founders who are studying to become engineers and mathematicians, we are pretty practical. That means we are far more concerned with giving you the tools to actually grow. We believe that there will come a day where it wont matter how much money you have to throw at your work.

When this happens, only the best music will prevail.

Let us help you along your journey. Learn more about how we do it, or get started.

Who Are We

Meet the Team

Eric Abel


Eric Abel is a singer, writer, and producer from Atlanta, Georgia. He has been releasing music independently for 3 years. In addition to studying at Berklee College of Music, he is also working toward his BS in Mechanical Engineering.

Harrison Lewis


Harrison Lewis is a Business and Statistics double major from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. As a part of the Moorhead Scholar program, Harrison has had a lot of experience working in the start up space.

Charlie Hirsch

Business Executive

Charlie is smart, does a lot of things, and makes our company a lot better.

We offer what no marketing company has ever been able to deliver before. Real fans.

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